Upward Award Night Program

with Mel LaMar

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Length of Program:

30 - 45 minutes, depending on your agenda; a-z; includes prayer of invitation

Program focus:

My calling is evangelism, not entertainment; and although my programs are thoroughly entertaining, my purpose and goal is to reach unsaved souls for Jesus Christ!

Program overview:
  • a 30- 45 minute presentation filled with fast paced magical illusions, juggling, and ventriloquism; and...
  • a crystal clear presentation of the gospel, concluding with a prayer of invitation to receive Jesus Christ.

Program needs:
  • Wireless, lapel type microphone, if available
  • House sound system to play my background music CD
  • capability to project my Power Point slides from a CD
  • technicians for sound system and power point
  • meeting w/ technicians approximately 30 minutes before the program to ensure that everything is a "go"
  • 30 minutes practice time on stage with lighting as it will be for the program, beginning 1 hour before program start time and concluding 30 minutes before program start time. If cheerleaders or others need to practice cheers, skits, etc., please schedule them around this 30 minute slot. These 30 minutes are mine! If lighting technician is needed to adjust lights, please have him/her available during this time.

  • * target honorarium -- see "Honorarium Statement".
  • * transportation expenses and/or mileage
  • * meal and lodging expenses if applicable


*** NOTE:

Due to the nature of this program, it does not work well for me to be "in the round," or to be so situated that any part of the audience is far to the side and/or behind me.