Honorarium Statement

Honorarium Juggle Pins “Mel LaMar Ministries, Inc.," is a full-time, faith based ministry and I depend upon God alone to supply for every need of this ministry and our family. My purpose and the longing of my heart is to reach lost souls with the Gospel but too many times, the question of money has gotten in the way. Therefore, please know that I have no set fee assosicated with any of my evangelistic programs.

From my perspective, if you see my ministry as valuable and as something you want to bring to your church to minister to your children and/or church family ~ I'm there! I have been paid everything from "thank you very much" to a thousand dollars for the same program. I promise to give my best to you, the Lord and His children regardless of the honorarium ~ and you can be assured that I will receive whatever you give as from the hand of God and as His will for my family and this ministry. This method allows me to give my full attention to giving my best to the Lord and His Church, and to leave the honorarium as a matter between the host church and the Lord. I believe this is God's will for us both.

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It is my policy to inform the host church or organization of the expenses (i.e., mileage, meals, lodging if necessary) involved in bringing this ministry to them, so that they might consider these expenses as they determine what the total honorarium should be.

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Evangelism vs. Entertainment

The above Honorarium Statement is specific to evangelistic presentations. I consider an evangelistic presentation to be a full program, 30-50 minutes in length (depending on the desire of the host church) with a clear salvation message, followed by a call to salvation. I realize that there are many times that I can serve the Church by bringing Christian entertainment (e.g., banquets, family fun nights, halloween alternatives, Easter and other outreach events) where a fun, gospel program is wanted, but not necessarily a salvation message and where no call to salvation is to be given. For these types of programs, I will propose to the host church a definite fee.

Mel Lamar